Legal Services for Business in Russia

Shift Law Firm was established in 2018.

We specialize in Russian corporate and real estate law.

Legal due diligence, legal research and advice on corporate law and real estate law matters

  • legal due diligence of transaction objects (shares, real estate, etc.)
  • legal due diligence of constituent documents of companies
  • legal advice for management decision-making

Improvement of the ownership and management structure of companies

  • improvement of corporate governance structures for the current tasks of owners / management
  • building a corporate governance structure in accordance with the requirements of investors / lenders
  • introduction of the lender into the existing corporate governance system (for the purposes of monitoring the activities of the borrower)
  • creation of «special project companies» (SPVs) for joint investment and/or joint project implementation
  • introduction of new bodies into the current corporate structure: The Board of Directors, the Management Board, several directors (implementation of the «two keys» principle)
  • drafting of internal corporate documents (policies, regulations, etc.)

Transaction support

  • transactions with shares of JSC / participation interests in LLC
  • loan and security transactions (loan agreements with collateral agreements: mortgages, sureties, independent guarantees, etc.)
  • representation of the interests of the buyer or seller in transactions for the sale of shares
  • real estate transactions
  • drafting of corporate contracts (shareholders’ agreements)
  • drafting of option agreements in relation to shares

Pre-trial and judicial challenging of decisions and actions of registering tax authorities

  • appeal against illegal registration refusals and unreasonably entered records in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities
  • preparation of objections to the exclusion of legal entities from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities on the initiative of the tax authority
  • appeal against the illegal exclusion of legal entities from the Unified State Register by the decision of the tax authority
  • preparation of responses to «corporate» requests from tax authorities: confirmation of the authenticity of the address / participant / director, insufficient net assets of the legal entity, etc.

Registration support

  • registration of companies and individual entrepreneurs in the Russian Federation
  • registration of branches / representative offices of foreign companies in the Russian Federation
  • registration of amendments to the Сharters of companies,
  • registration of changes to the Unified State Registers of Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs, State Register of Accredited Branches and Representative Offices of Foreign Legal Entities
  • registration of the issues of shares
  • registration of real estate transactions

We regularly support transactions in relation to shares of companies located in Russia or with real estate in Russia, the parties of which are foreign citizens and companies.

We have extensive experience in interacting with government authorities and agencies of the Russian Federation (including tax and judicial).

The cost of services is calculated individually. To estimate the project, we need a written description of your situation and tasks.

We will be glad to see you among our clients!

We are located in St. Petersburg.
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